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Info: Throwing with paint

For children (8 -15 years old) and adults (from 16 years and older))
Min. 4 and max. 11 people.
a bigger or smaller group only on request
Entry fee adult (16 years and older) €15,95 excl. canvas
Entry fee children (8-15 jaar) €12,95 excl. canvas
Canvases (purchase required):

40x50 cm €13,50
60x80 cm €30,-
100x100 cm €65,-

Duration of the activity
ca. 90 minutes
Studio is airconditioned
Also in the summer a cool temperature
Drying period paintings
The canvases need to dry for a week after that they can be picked up.
Want your painting delivered on your doorstep? That is possible! We will send the canvas to your home for €13,95. (With the exception of the 100 cm x 100 cm canvases).

Discover the artist within with Throwing with paint

You can let your creative spirit flow free in our beautiful studio. Throwing with paint provides creative workshops with paint. You will create a unique painting by throwing - splashing - spraying - dripping - aiming and pouring with paint. everyone can make art here. With or without experience. After our instructions you can start on your painting by yourself, and during the workshop you will get tips and tricks from us. The results are always surprising! The workshop Throwing with paint takes approximately 1,5 hours.

Throwing with paint!

First the techniques will be practiced and the colour combinations tested. You can really let yourself go because everything is allowed to be dirty. We have coveralls and we work with waterbased paint. If you are really attached to your clothes, put on something old because Throwing with paint is at your own risk. This workshop is for groups with a minimum of 4. Is your group smaller than 4, please ask us for the availability. 

Throwing with Paint is suitable for a creative children's party, and reccommended for both boys and girls. It is also suitable as a team outing or as a fun closing event after a meeting in one of our meeting rooms. Throwing with Paint is a fun indoor activity in woerden for a girls night or as a part of an office party. We have a very central location for everyone of the Randstad. The studio has airconditioning, so you can even let your creative soul flow free in the summer. 

Throwing with Paint party costs € 25,95 p.p. The duration of the workshop is approximately 1,5 hours. Throwing with paint is in our studio and under supervision of an experienced staff member. Let the creativity of the children flow and everyone will a have an unique souvenir of the party. 

take your own painting home
practice paper
1 workshop supervisor
Bag of candy or crisps
Lemonade twice
fries & snack, poffertjes or pancake