Golfing in the dark: an amazing experience!

Info: Golfing in the dark

Make a reservation before your arrival! Groups please contact us by phone because of the availability (0348 200020)
approximately) From the age of 8 and adults (Children under the age of 8 are welcome as well, but it can be tensive for younger children)
Maximum capacity
ca. 20 people at the same time on the golf course (a Covid-19 maximum)
€ 12,50 p.p. all ages
Duration of the activity
90 to 120 minutes
Tee-off times
Every 10 minutes
Our last tee-off time is 16.30 PM (with the exception of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)
The course is air conditioned
Cool temperatures even during the summer

The course is on the first floor
By the use of two short flights of stairs, you will enter the golf course. There is no lift available, so the course is not wheelchair friendly. In case of a different handicap please contact us beforehand. 

Glowgolf: an amazing experience!

Golf in the Dark is one of the coolest indoor mini-golf course in Holland. It has no less than 18 holes and is completely airconditioned. It is suitable for adults and children with the age of 8 or older. Children below the age of 8 are welcome as well, but keep in mind that Glow golf can be tensive. The reason being are the dark rooms, the moving decor, and the sounds. 

You will be playing glow in the dark golf in a fantastic decor full of artworks. you will travel to another world. The 18 holes all have a different theme. All the decorations are handmade and therefor really unique. The golf course is completely lighted by blacklights. This way the balls, the holes, and the decor are illuminated. One game takes approximately 1,5 to 2 hours. We have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people per hole. 

Glowgolf party

Do you want to celebrate your party at Golf in the Dark? We offer a spectacular party!

Price € 15,75 p.p.
The party is included:

- Glowgolf (about 1,5 hour)
- Glow bracelet
- 2 x lemonade
- Bag of candy or chips
- Birthday-menu: fries with a snack or a pancake

You can book here!

Play glow golf completely in white 

Put on white clothes for a fun and cool effect of the black lights!

Golf in the Dark is also suitable for a day out with your friends. The location is really accessible, and it is not too far from the A12 exit. We also have a restaurant where you can stay to chat with a nice meal and/or a drink. With the airconditioning, it is the perfect activity during a hot summer's day, but on a rainy day in the winter you can hit a ball nice and dry. We are opened 7 days a week. It is mandatory to make a reservation due to Covid-19.  

Tip: stay at a bungalow park in the neighborhood (like Landal Reeuwijkse Plassen) want to do something other than swimming or biking? check out our Golf in the Dark or one of our other family activities.

The most beautiful 18-holes indoor glow in the dark mini-golf course of Holland

We have one of the most beautiful indoor glow in the dark golf courses in Holland. It is located at a very central place in Woerden and it is near Utrecht and Gouda. Golf in the dark is also suitable for children's parties. .