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Gascape Escaperoom

Will you manage to make off with the loot within an hour?

It is 31 December 1999, the world is gearing up for the turn of the year that could be very special. Several people fear that this will be the last day on earth. Computers will not be able to handle the year 2000 and people are preparing for chaos.
In Woerden, people are stocking up on food/drinks and other items en masse to make sure they can survive the coming period. Businesses are closed, including the petrol station in Woerden. The owner is not confident about the coming period and has chosen to empty and close the shop as a precautionary measure. Employees have been instructed to help with the evacuation in recent days. The premises are as good as empty although the owner has decided to leave the safe in place....
From 15 years of age
3-7 people per team
Price € 119,95 per team
Duration of this activity
60 minutes

We have fixed start times for the Gascape*:
10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00

*Other times possible by arrangement

Every 10 minutes
It is not currently possible to book online. Please call us for a booking appointment or more information on 0348 200020

Fabriek Woerden

Oostzee 8, 3446 CH Woerden

T 0348 200020
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Fabriek Woerden

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