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Free WIFI in the Fabriek Woerden

Fabriek woerden

In the Fabriek Woerden you can make use of our WIFI-accesspoints free of charge. 
To prevent misuse of our WIFI accespoints you have to accept our general terms and conditions. 
After you have read them through you can give your consent, and use the service.

General terms and conditions for using our WIFI

These general terms and conditions are applicable to anyone who uses the WIFI-guestnetwork to go onto the internet. 

  • Fabriek Woerden offers the free WIFI-guestnetwork to her visitors, for personal use only. 
  • If you gain acces to the internet by using the WIFI-guestnetwork of Fabriek Woerden, you will be a user of our service. 
  •  Fabriek Woerden does not support, setting up the connection on devices of third parties.
  • The groundrules of Fabriek Woerden stated in the general terms and conditions apply there where it is applicable. Fabriek Woerden is entitled to block acces to the internet in case of an incident.
  • The use of WIFI-guestnetwork is based on a fair use policy. This means that there is no standard limit on the amount of data that is being send or received. 
  • Fabriek Woerden can intervene if there is a significant amount more data than usual being used. Fabriek Woerden remains the right to block the connection for this or a different reason. The fabriek Woerden can also temporarily or permanently block acces to the WIFI connection when a user acts conterary to this general term and condition, or when the Fabriek Woerden finds that there is a different reason. 
  • Fabriek Woerden is not responsible for any claims being made regarding the activities of the user.
  • The user is obligated to oblige to the law of copyright. You can not upload something to the internet if not entirely sure that you own the copyrights.
  • Fabriek Woerden does not take responsibility for the information being uploaded on a server or the internet by a user. The user is completely responsible for the information that they put on a server or the internet. the content and meaning of a tekst and/or images cannot be pornographic, discriminating or in any way offensive. 
  • The user is strictly forbidden to send seditious messages, incourage violance, to develop criminal activities and/or other malicious practices. When discoverd there will be an official statement send to the police and the necessary measurements will be taken. 
  • The user declares that Fabriek Woerden cannot be held liable for any internet failure, network and/or the loss of data or shrinkage of earnings due to technological difficulties or any other malfunction.
  • Fabriek Woerden cannot be held liable for any kind of damage (in the broadest sense) of the user. Fabriek Woerden can not be held liable for damage that relates with or the consequense is of: interruptions in, or blocking the acces to the internet system or the internet at Fabriek Woerden or third parties, a lack of security for  information on the systems saved by the user. actions of other customers or internet users, amendments in login procedures, account and e-mail address.
  • The user that acts conterary to their obligations stated in the general terms and conditions can be held liable for all the damage Fabriek Woerden faces after the incident.
  • Fabriek Woerden remains the right to make changes to the general terms and conditions without any sort of notification. check the general terms and conditions therefor regularly for any changes.
  • Fabriek Woerden is obligated to oblige to protecting personal information as stated in the regulations of Fabriek Woerden.
  • before being able to make use of the WIFI service of Fabriek Woerden the user needs to consent with all the general terms and conditions and code of conduct as stated above. 
  • the general terms and conditions/code of conduct and any disputes or use of the WIFI-guestnetwork of Fabriek Woerden relate is the applicable law. The judge in Utrecht is exclusively qualified concerning the disputes.

Fabriek Woerden

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Fabriek Woerden

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