House rules and general terms and conditions Pretfabriek

In connection with Corona, we have written a protocol to supplement / amend these house rules and general terms and conditions.
Read this carefully before you come to us.

Covid-19 measures Pretfabriek / Fabriek Woerden

De Pretfabriek is a quality indoor playground in Woerden where young and old are given plenty of space. Our visitors can count on a clean, safe and pleasant atmosphere.

A visit to the Pretfabriek should be a particularly enjoyable experience for all family or group members. So we do everything we can about it. Yet we cannot do without your cooperation. In good cooperation and with mutual respect for our conditions:
Always follow the directions of our professional staff.
Consuming your own drinks is not allowed with us.
Children are only allowed to play under the supervision of an 18+ supervisor.
Do not bring any valuables and watch over your belongings.
Dogs (pets) are not allowed. An assistance dog is allowed.
Children up to and including 12 years pay the children's rate at the Pretfabriek. From the age of 13, the adult rate applies and you are expected to visit the Pretfabriek as a companion.

Destruction is not appreciated in the Pretfabriek. If this is deliberate, then the Pretfabriek has the right to recoup this.
User spaces
Keep cups, plates, bottles, etc., within the catering area. In the event of theft, an official report is made to the police.
Food and drinks may only be consumed at the tables.
Self-brought food and drinks are not allowed.
Diapers may only be placed in the designated places and not on the table and also only in the diaper buckets present in the toilet and not in normal rubbish bins.
Please deposit waste in the appropriate waste bins and confetti cannons are not allowed in and around the Pretfabriek.
Keep toilets clean and report any irregularities immediately.
Smoking is not allowed in all user rooms in the Pretfabriek. There is an opportunity to smoke outside the Pretfabriek.
De Pretfabriek does not serve alcohol to visitors under the age of 18.
Playground equipment
All playground equipment must be used according to the indicated instructions.
Slides may only be used alone and seated.
The toboggan run may only be used with sleds and seated.
Shoes are not allowed in and on the playground equipment.
Remove sharp objects from your playing children's clothing. Also think of any jewelry.
The Peuterhoek is exclusively for children up to 4 years old.
If your child has a late-going to the toilet accident, inform one of the employees immediately. This way we can ensure that the playground equipment and the ball pit remain clean and hygienic.
First aid and AED are available in the Pretfabriek (inquire at the counters). There are also always employees present with emergency response.

Your visit to the Pretfabriek, playing and using equipment is entirely at your own risk. De Pretfabriek reserves the right to refuse or deny access to persons.
De Pretfabriek is not liable for any damage or consequences of damage during the stay within or on the grounds of the Pretfabriek.

First aid is available in the Pretfabriek. There are also always employees present with emergency response. If your child has a contagious disease, please contact the Pretfabriek about the possibilities in connection with the risk of infection.
In case of an accident, please contact the desk so that we can help you quickly.

Pets are not allowed in the Pretfabriek.

It is not allowed to consume your own refreshments, unless there is a diet, please contact one of the staff in advance.
Activities are only valid in combination with entrance payment for the Pretfabriek.
Based on availability.
We reserve all rights to any changes. Participation is at your own risk.
You cannot register in advance for the free workshops offered.
Terms and Conditions:
De Pretfabriek cannot be held liable for any damage and / or theft of personal belongings. Entry is at your own risk and children are always supervised by an 18+ supervisor.
The supervisors are responsible for the children during the visit to the Pretfabriek.
Special dietary requirements or allergies can be communicated at least 7 days before the start. (i.v.t.)
Consuming your own consumption is not allowed.
We cannot guarantee availability.
De Pretfabriek Woerden reserves all rights to change or cancel reservations if necessary.